Dymenzions is a software solution for managing functional safety in production installations. Dymenzions manages the entire functional safety lifecycle in accordance with current laws and regulations.

The functional safety lifecycle contains a:

  • Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP).
  • Layers Of Protection Analyses (LOPA).
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS).
  • SIL / SIF Design

In the design phase of functional safety, Dymenzions supports the documentation, specification, calculation and validation of safety functions and provisions. In the operational phase of the functional safety lifecycle, Dymenzions handles all administration concerning test methods, test frequencies and test results and automatically generates schedules and a schedule. Additionally, Dymenzions offers the ability to manage all data regarding to explosion proof equipment (ATEX) and to schedule all necessary ATEX inspections.

In a central dashboard, all the functional safety relevant parameters of your production plant are displayed. This dashboard provides management and auditors understanding of the actual status of the present safety provisions based on the latest information.



Based on design specifications, Dymenzions checks completeness and functionality of the safety functions and reports deficiencies. Dymenzions can calculate test intervals and schedule periodic inspections automatically. An interactive planning board gives the user the ability to view test instructions, to print them and enter test results. The test results are maintained by Dymenzions and anomalies are reported and presented in the dashboard insight center. By using the action list, all open issues are visible and can be addressed immediately. For more detailed information, there is a comprehensive reporting module included in Dymenzions.


Due to the modular structure, Dymenzions can be extended with multiple functionalities. Dymenzions includes Four main modules:

  • Dymenzions Hazop & Lopa
  • Dymenzions Calculations & Design
  • Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance
  • Dymenzions ATEX

In addition, the SIL Operations & Maintenance & Maintenance module can be extended with an override add-on, an extended reporting add-on and an SAP add-on. The Dymenzions ATEX module can be extended with the ATEX Inspection tool. For an overview of the modules and the underlying features we refer to the specific product pages on this website and the product overview.


Dymenzions is a web application and can be accessed locally or remotely from any browser. Each user has its own user account that is linked to a user profile with certain authorizations and rights. All user actions and changes in documentation and data are recorded in an audit trail. The application and the database are running on a server in accordance with ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.


  • Assistance in the management and design of functional safety
  • Everything about functional safety in one place
  • Clearly arranged dashboard and validated reports
  • Manage and control your Hazop studies
  • Interactive plan board; automatic scheduling and generation of test instructions.
  • Check for completeness of data and documents in accordance with all standards and regulations
  • Monitoring and calculation on design, test methodology and test frequency
  • Review by legislation and regulations for functional safety
  • Signaling in case of deviations and actions
  • Web-based, role-based security, audit trail and version management


With Dymenzions Compliance Insight Center you not only have a status overview of all the key components within functional safety, ready for auditing, Also It will assist you designing and maintaining your functional safety data from Hazop study till operations.