The legislation for explosion proof (ATEX) is divided in two areas which fit together: the ATEX 114 directive (2014/34/EU) for manufacturers of explosion-protected equipment and the ATEX 153 Directive (1999/92 / EC) for the safety of workers in hazardous areas. Companies are required to inspect their machines and equipment used in hazardous areas periodically. Electrical installations in zone areas should thereby be assessed according to NEN-EN IEC 60079-17 standards.

With ATEX Dymenzions you can easily manage all of your ATEX equipment and plan the various inspections on time. Dymenzions offers the opportunity to schedule random sample tests and give you advice about the level of implementation of inspections (visual, accurate, detailed) based on the results of the sampling. You manage open issues, such as breakdowns and necessary repairs, through an action list. Additionally, Dymenzions keeps a history of all test results.


Within Dymenzions you have the option to save your ATEX equipment in an item database. This allows you to control and search through your equipment in a structured way. Dymenzions ATEX also offers you the opportunity to manage and store documentation from your zoning classification and EPD (explosion protection document).

With Dymenzions ATEX you can easily manage the planning and execution of the various inspections. Dymenzions has included the following types of inspections:

  • Delivery Inspection / first inspection
  • Periodic inspection
  • Random sample inspection

These tests include assessing whether the existing electrical components are in conformity with the established zones, which can be determined based on e.g. Ex markings on equipment. Also it is important that the correct gas category has been applied and the correct temperature class is selected. Furthermore, there are assessment to check if machinery and equipment are sufficiently grounded and whether potential equalization is sufficiently secured. Measurements can be part of these inspections.

The implementation of these inspection types can be performed according to the following inspection methods:

  • Visual
  • Accurate
  • Detailed

Depending on the results of the random sample inspections, the conditions within your production plant and the legal guidelines, Dymenzions gives you advice. For example, Dymenzions advises you which equipment, within a certain period of time, according to a specific inspection method must be inspected. Optionally Dymenzions can also make a schedule for this and generate schedules.

In an interactive plan board, test results can be entered. An up-to-date overview of the test results and ATEX compliance status of your installation can be found in an organized dashboard. The test history for each individual item can be obtained and you have the possibility to generate various reports. Defects, overdue inspections and necessary repairs can be managed in an action list.


ATEX Inspection Tool

Dymenzions ATEX can be extended with the ATEX Inspection Tool. The ATEX Inspection tool is a software program written for an (Ex) PDA or Tablet. This program instructs and guides an engineer through the different types of inspections by asking questions. Routing and the subject of the questions will depend on the type of equipment that is being inspected and the answers given to previous questions. This way, only relevant questions are asked at the right time. After the inspection rounds, answers and results of the inspections can be uploaded easily to Dymenzions.

The ATEX inspection tool offers you the following benefits:

  • Faster way to perform ATEX inspections
  • Direct digital processing of the answers in PDA or Tablet
  • No paperwork
  • No unnecessary checklists or unnecessary questions
  • All necessary checks, in accordance with legislation and guidelines, are processed and cannot be forgotten by engineer
  • Automatic classification of the status of each ATEX item immediately after inspection
  • Easy upload of test results to Dymenzions
  • Dymenzions automatically extracts actions and selects necessary repairs from the test results

Using our ATEX inspection tool will help you to support the ATEX inspection process and improve your ATEX compliance level


  • Manage your ATEX equipment in an item database
  • Automatic scheduling of various types of ATEX inspections and random sampling
  • Advice on inspection methods and frequency based on sample results and installation conditions
  • Overview of test results and test history in a dashboard
  • Defects and repairs can be managed in an action list
  • Create reports of your ATEX inspections


With Dymenzions ATEX you can manage your ATEX equipment in a structured way and guarantee your explosion safety by efficiently planned inspections and sampling.