HAZOP & LOPA offers the ability to register and validate all steps of a HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) and LOPA (Layer of Protection Analyses) study in one place.

Through a HAZOP study, scenarios with their potential risk level can be determined. Dymenzions HAZOP will help you organize, execute and report the studies and maintain all different versions over time. In the LOPA you will be assisted linking the needed risk reduction to the specific layers, IPL (independent protection layers) and allocate them to a provision or mitigation measures.


HAZOP study

The HAZOP method (Hazard and Operability Analysis) is the most common method for identifying and evaluating unwanted events in a process environment.

Dymenzions assists you in setting up a full HAZOP report, by asking for data such as:

  • Relevant P&IDs.
  • Registration of HAZOP team members, meetings and documentation
  • Documentation of nodes, scenarios and unwanted events
  • The selected risk matrix or risk graph
  • Risk Levels calculated through a risk matrix or risk graph


The LOPA method (Layer of Protection Analysis) is used for assigning safety measures, provisions and IPLs.

Preventive and restrictive measures in the process industry are mainly:

  • Mechanical security systems, such as safety valves and rupture disks
  • Instrumental security systems
  • Measures that require human action (Procedures and Procedural Safeties).

Dymenzions helps you to:

  • Manage and describe all protective measures and safety’s
  • Execute an IPL-check on the selected safety provision
  • Calculate and assign risk reduction of the selected measures
  • Determine if the response time of the chosen safeguard type is sufficient to cover the process safety time of the scenario


  • Management and documentation of HAZOP, LOPA and REHAZOP.
  • Full audit of all HAZOPs and REHAZOPs
  • Interactive guidance of the complete HAZOP study
  • Complete HAZOP & LOPA report in one click
  • Check for completeness of data
  • Check the compliance status according to current safety laws and regulations


    With HAZOP & LOPA you manage all HAZOP and LOPA studies of your plant and you have the opportunity to facilitate and validate a HAZOP & LOPA study online