An important part of the IEC61511 standard is in the maintenance and testing of equipment and the validation of operational safety functions. Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance provides insight in this maintenance and helps you to manage your systems and security measures.

Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance supports you in performing the correct proof testing, with the right test frequency according to appropriate test methods and documentation.

Within Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance, the following safety provisions are included:

  • Mechanical safeties
  • Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)
  • Machinery safeties
  • Procedures
  • Alarms

Dymenzions offers an interactive plan board, which allows a user to generate schedules, test instructions and enter test results. In a dashboard an overview of the current status of all necessary tests and inspections is given. Also, test results are clearly presented and immediately and on-line visible. Any actions arising from the proof testing are recorded in an action list and can only be reported finished when all the necessary registrations have been made.


Within Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance you can add some relevant documentation from the design phase of the safety lifecycle, such as scenarios and risk levels, to your safety functions and equipment. After this, you can describe and indicate how your SIL equipment needs to be tested.

Dymenzions Operations & Maintenance includes an extensive manufacturers database with test methodologies and test frequencies for the most common equipment in the process technology. In addition, Dymenzions can, subject to the SIL level, calculate the test frequency for a trip test of a SIF loop.

Dymenzions automatically schedules tests and can take into consideration, for example, a plant shutdown or turn around. In the planning board, users can select their allocated tests, generate test instructions and register test results.

The dashboard provides an overview of the status of functional safety in your plant. For example, you can see how many tests were performed, whether they are performed within time, what defects were found and which issues are still left. Also, with the included reporting module, you have the ability to generate extensive reports.



This add-on allows you to manage overrides when testing a safety function or during defects.

The overrides add-on offers the following functionality:

  • Proposing an override request
  • Automatic generation of override documentation with SIL level
  • Authorization policy for overrides can be set per SIL level
  • Set, Restore and Release overrides
  • Keep track of override times and signaling when maximum override time has exceeded
  • Up-to-date overview of active overrides, override times and history
  • Ability to automatically generate and send e-mails at:
    o Authorization request

    o Approval / disapproval request
    o Exceeding override time


  • With the extended reporting add-on you have the possibility to register defects, demands and (unjustified) addressed safety functions during regular production process. This can be either be achieved manually or through an automatic link with your equipment. With the extended reporting add-on you have:
  • Complete registration of addressed safety provisions and demands of equipment
  • Insight in ‘dangerous’ undetected’ and ‘spurious trips’
  • Ability to gather ‘proven in use’ data
  • If desired, automatic adjustment of failure rates, PFDAverage and test frequencies when failure rates measured in the field deviate from predefined documentation.


Linking your SAP to Dymenzions? That is possible. Dymenzions SAP interface allows you to exchange and automatically synchronize data registered in SAP with data from Dymenzions and vice versa.This will prevent duplicate data entry, and the displayed information is always up to date. As Dymenzions can also send work orders to SAP, changes to existing workflow and processes are minimal.

  • Existing data in SAP does not have to be entered into Dymenzions
  • No double entry required in subsequent processes
  • Automatic synchronization of data; information is always up to date
  • Safety compliance is monitored in Dymenzions
  • Direct control of safety compliance on modifications in SAP at e.g. equipment
  • Easy integration of Dymenzions in the current workflow


  • Testing your equipment in a structured way
  • Manage open issues and actions through a simple action list
  • Optimal scheduling and planning your (proof) tests and inspections
  • Make use of an included manufacturer database with the appropriate test methods and test frequencies
  • If desired, calculate optimal test frequency for your equipment and SIF loops through PFD Average method
  • Clear and validated record of your test results in a dashboard
  • Extensive reporting options


Operations & Maintenance supports you in testing your equipment in a correct and efficient way so you can demonstrate and validate the proper functioning of your safety functions and provisions.